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1875 Ajax is founded by Mr. J.R. Blakeslee Sr.
1885 Designed and built the first general purpose Forging Machine
1898 Built a complete line of Forging Rolls
1910 The first 7" Ajax Forging Machine was built - the largest machine ever constructed.
1925 Ajax designed the first Solid Die Forging Machine which produces items such as crusher balls for the mining industry, large ball bearings and cannon balls.
1932 Ajax introduced the first direct air-operated friction clutch - still acclaimed as the greatest single improvement in the development of forging equipment during that era.
1933 The Ajax Forging Press is introduced.
1934 The first Wire Drawer is built.
1944 The largest Tube Upsetter is built, a 12"
1946 The first 6000 ton Forging Press is built.
1966 First 6000 ton Forging Press is sent to Japan.
1974 Ajax invented the Insta-Kut, which shears steel.
1979 First 10" Tong Feed which moves parts from station to station without an operator.
1981 4 point suspension wide ram Trimming and Coining Press introduced.
1987 Ajax is acquired by The Crawford Group
1996 Ajax becomes a part of Park-Ohio Industries
1998 The 40MN Forging Press is designed and built.
2002 3 New Tube Upsetters are built, 2 are fully automated upsetter lines for the oil drilling industry.
2004 Acquisition of intellectual property from Chambersburg Engineering Company.  A new business unit of Ajax is formed - Chambersburg Equipment Company (CECO). Chambersburg pioneered and developed impact forging equipment such as the CECO-Drop, Die Forger, CECO-Drop Model E, the Model C Impacter and programmable conversions of CECO-Drops, Board Hammers, Steam Hammers.
2006 The first Ajax-CECO Die Forger is built since the acquisition

New Die Forger Design - the largest of its kind, a #38.


The first 60MN forging press is designed, built, and installed.

Future Continuing improvements to products and services to better serve our customers.

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