Worldwide Service of Ajax-CECO and Chambersburg Forging Machinery

Over 40% of the machines Ajax-CECO has built between 1875 and today remain in service.
Ajax-CECO takes pride in building quality machines that last and supporting our customers needs for years to come.

Forging Machine RebuildsRebuilds

  • Restore to like New Clearances
  • Parts Refurbished, or Replaced to OEM Standards
  • Update Controls, Lubrication and Safety Requirements

Forging Machine InspectionsInspections

  • On Customer Site or At Our Facility
  • Replace Normal Maintenance Parts
  • Report and Advise
  • Suggest Parts to be Ordered Ahead of Scheduled Repairs

Forging Machine MaintenanceMaintenance

  • Scheduled Preventitive Maintenance Program
  • Suggest Parts
  • Training
  • Emergency Repairs
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